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Now THAT is “what’s up” ;)

Laughing so hard.
So there was this dude at the gym today who could just fuck right off.

So in between my arm sets I jump rope to keep my heart rate up. I understand that I’m not a freaking boxer or anything so I just try to skip at my own pace and do moves that I know I can do. 

And this guy wearing this stupid looking, tight ass, blue, long sleeved shirt comes and stands RIGHT next to me when there’s literally the entire weight side of the gym he could go, and starts jumping rope next to me. 

Normally, I wouldn’t thought anything of it, but he is trying to jump super fast and do all this complicated stuff, all while glancing over at me. 


The funny part was he kept hitting himself in the shins with it. And he was going fast so I bet he has some lovely welts now. 

I just don’t understand why some guys feel the need to “show off” or “compete” with other people at the gym. Especially next to a female. What’s the matter? Can’t handle having a girl lift next to you? 

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of the guys at my gym are lovely. They’re sweethearts and strike up conversation when they see me because I go at the same time every day. So I see the same people. 

Never seen this dude. And I really just wanted to be like: 


Kirill Chayka
Squats :)

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Oh and I’m trying a new protein powder too.

What do you guys think of muscle milk?